Vintage chart - North Portugal - Douro (reds)

Vintage chart - North Portugal - Douro (reds)
Vintage ratings: 95-100, classic; 90-94, outstanding; 85-89, very good; 80-84, good; 75-79, mediocre; 50-74, not recommended

A score range indicates preliminary analysis based on barrel samples and/or a limited sampling; many wines of the vintage not yet reviewed.

Vintage Score Drink Window Description

2016 94 Drink or hold A rainy spring caused mildew in the vineyards, followed by an extremely hot summer. Producers that chose the correct time to harvest produced concentrated and elegant wines

2015 93 Drink or Hold An exceptionally dry and hot late spring and early summer was followed by cooler temperatures in July and August, resulting in lower-than-average yields but many successful bottling

2014 88 Drink or hold Cool summer temperatures and rain throughout the growing season challenged many vintners. Wines rom the Douro Superior fared best.

2013 89 Drink or hold A late harvest and smaller-than-average crop yielded balanced and fresh-tasting wines; harvesttime rains spoiled a bid for exceptional quality

2012 90 Drink or hold An extended drought and summertime hailstorms cut

the harvest nearly in half, delivering concentrated reds.

2011 97 Drink or hold A cooler-than-normal summer, followed by warm, dry harvest weather, produced powerful, structured reds.

2010 89 Drink Generous winter rains produced a bumper crop, but excessive summer heat diluted flavors and delivered open-textured wines.

2009 91 Drink Balanced wines emerged from a challenging vintage, with many in a lighter style

2008 94 Drink or hold Cool growing conditions led to even ripening, with wines full of finesse

2007 96 Drink Yields down by 20 percent, but ideal harvest weather delivered optimal ripeness.

2006 90 Drink Summer heat made for an early harvest, with lighter- style reds showing balance.

2005 94 Drink Warm weather, with even ripening during harvest, made balanced and powerful reds.

2004 93 Drink Ideal growing season; rich wines with polished tannins and concentrated flavors.

2003 91 Drink Record heat; big, ripe, powerful wines with up-front appeal

2002 81 Drink Harvest rains cut quality; top producers fared well by harvesting early.

2001 89 Drink Cool summer weather fostered even ripening; wines have good acidity.

2000 94 Drink Small yields, but many exceptional wines made as a new wave emerged in Douro


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