Make Your Quarantine Fun? Know What The Best Alcohol For Great Sex Is? Red Wine...

Make Your Quarantine Fun? Know What The Best Alcohol For Great Sex Is? Red Wine...
When we first take a sip of booze, alcohol’s initial effects as one of the world’s greatest social lubricants begins to take hold. We feel looser, more open and often, much more relaxed. This is the liquid courage we hear so much about, and it’s why so many of us seem to have the most success when meeting someone out at a bar. At this initial stage, we feel more confident to take a risk – which includes talking to that attractive person across the room.

It’s at the level of about one to two drinks, when most people report feeling the most pleasure. Alcohol stimulates the receptors in our brain, and at one or two drinks in, that slight buzz and warm feeling aren’t being overwhelmed by the feelings of dizziness, nausea and even depression, which can set in after consuming a good bit. It’s also at this light level of alcohol intake when we’re most likely to perform our best – drinking and driving is not the only thing you should avoid when drunk.

Wines that arouse women

Allegedly women are aroused by musky, earthy, woody, licoricey, and cherry aromas. If that sounds like your bag, look no further than Portugal's Douro JAVALI CLOS RED CAPSULE, a wine that packs some serious sweet black cherry and earthy truffle notes. Also on the ‘to drink list’ should be Quinta da Bacalhoa Cabernet Sauvignon, aromas of red fruits combined with nuances of wood and spices. In the mouth, the red fruit flavours are intesified and combined with smooth tannins; it has a fresh finish, somewhat mineral, elegant and very complex.

Wines that arouse men

Research suggests that men get off on wines with aromas of lavender, caramel, butter, orange, liquorice, baking spice and vanilla. Douro Quinta do Javali Old Vines has all the necessary credentials, with more ageing than a Reserva being a 2014 vintage, you’ll get Dark red color and loaded. Nose characterized by notes of ripe black fruit, with hints of stone of black plums, dark chocolate and cocoa black, bark, and some leather, throughout evolution ''a true sophisticated experience''. Reach for a Guarda Rios Gold Edition Red for some pheromonal foreplay, with The combination of Syrah with, the typical, Alicante Bouschet and Aragonês , gives this wine a very own identity and a balance between the ripe fruit and freshness.

And while all alcohol in moderation helps a bit when it comes to sexual pleasure and desire, none has more benefits than red wine, both for males and females. For the ladies, red wine causes the sex drive to be even more pronounced than with other drinks, at least according to a group of Italian researchers who discovered that the compounds in the wine actually enhance levels of sexual desire in the fairer sex. What the researchers uncovered was that the red wine specifically increased blood flow to women’s erogenous areas, which in turn led to increased levels of desire. The researchers were quick to point out, however, that after more than a drink or two the other effects of alcohol began to take hold, which led to a less pleasurable experience. Moderation, it seems, is key.

For men, not only does a drink or two loosen things up and increase blood flow to essential areas, but red wine also seems to increase levels of testosterone in the blood, a necessary hormone when it comes to male sexual arousal and “appetite.” Normally a male’s body rids itself of testosterone when an enzyme called UGT2B17 attaches specific molecules to testosterone, enabling the body to identify it and get rid of it through the urine. But when consuming a glass of red, a compound inside the wine called quercetin effectively blocks UGT2B17, preventing the body from excreting it, and thereby raising levels of testosterone in the blood. However, just as with women, a few too many drinks and all alcohol, including red wine, can have the reverse effect, lowering testosterone and decreasing the sex drive.

So when it comes to alcohol and sex, the best prescription is opening and splitting a bottle of red with your partner. It’s the perfect amount for you to each have two glasses and experience the positive effects the combination of wine and sex can deliver, with a smaller chance of the negatives.

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