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Fabulous service!

Wine Adore Singapore
Mario Monteiro

Good wine
Good assistance

Great wines

Very quick and friendly service - highly knowledgeable about the products and their history. Nice selection too.

Wine Adore Singapore
Barry Kwok (WID)
Wonderful Brazilian BBQ night

What a special night !
With energetic Brazilian dance and music, delicious food and Portuguese wine in quality to match with, what else do you expect ?!
That's cool, I enjoyed the event so much ! Thanks Wine Adore for organizing such an unforgettable event.

Affordable, easy drinking

Portuguese wines aren't easy to find, so imagine my delight at finding Wine Adore in Singapore. The WA team took time to send recommendations and curated a box of 3 that I subsequently gave away as gifts.

Wine Adore Singapore
Dr. Lai Junxu
Wineadore curates wines according to my tasting profile and recommends good value undervalued wines

Exceptional value portugese wines! Much lower prices and comparable to the usual French wines

Wine Adore Singapore
Maverick Lim
Musa Portugal Craft Beer 8 Pack and Quinta Do Javali -Tawny Port

A great selection of beer variety that offers as a sampler for new taste buds. The Port has never fail to impress my group of friends and myself ever since I introduced it during a get together session! Especially the ever subtle tinge of nutty and woody notes....comes a little sweet aftertouch on the tongue and pairs fantastically with cheese and cucumber/carrot stick platter lol.

Wine Adore Singapore
Best spot for Portuguese wines & more

For someone living away from home for many years, the small pleasures of finding the products you miss have no price! WineAdore delivers the best Portuguese wines in Singapore and is always in great condition. The shopping experience is smooth,m delivery personalized, and packaging top-notch (You can use the boxes as gift packaging too! Truly recommend!

Hidden secret in the wine industry

Having lived in Portugal for 7 years, I was delighted to be able to find authentic Portuguese wine suppliers here in Singapore. The quality of the wine is second to none, and the service I have received over multiple orders has been fantastic. I even got to keep an extra bottle of wine that was sent incorrectly one time! If you've never tried Portuguese wine, you really, really should! Obrigado, Wine Adore!