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Art Series Sarah Choo 2021 | Rose | Douro

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Intro: Art series is Quinta do Javali first biodynamic orange wine project. Every year a new artist is selected to do the label on this 300-bottle limited edition range. Sarah Choo Jing was the selected artist for this Diptych series. The art shows giant phantom members dancing and walking their way through the Douro.

Region: Douro (D.O.C)

Winery: Quinta do Javali

Grapes: Touriga Nacional

Aging: 10 days skin fermentation

Tasting Notes: Light rosy color, but with the typical turbidity of a 100% natural wine. The nose of this Rosé Wine showcases the floral aromas of violet from TOURIGA NACIONAL, with notes of small red fruits of the forest. Being a natural wine, the sediments in the bottle can promote the release of more complex aromas. In the mouth, the Natural Art Series Rosé demonstrates the typical acidity freshness of TOURIGA NACIONAL. The fruity notes of small red fruits reappear, combined with the tactile sensation on the tongue caused by good sediments, as the wine results from 0% intervention.

ABV: 12%  Serving Temp: 8-10 °C  Pairing: Cheese board, Garlic Shrimp, Bruschetta

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